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What about Single Foot Pedal Impulse heat Sealer machine

Single Foot Pedal Impulse heat Sealer machines are by Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer Plastic Bag Sealing are one sided impulse heat  sealer.items are inexpensive efficient work horse packaging machines that can seal a wide variety of packages from small single portion packets up to large heavy duty (7-, 8-, 10- mil thick materials). Using the foot pedal to activate the sealer allows hands free operation. Seal Width: 5mm is slightly less than 0.25 inches .Zhejiang Tianyu industry co.,Ltd is a professional sealing machine factory, includes Impulse Heat Sealer,ABS handy impulse heat sealer, Iron handy impulse heat sealer, Foot Pedal Stamping Impulse Sealer, Plastic Bag Sealer,Band sealer,Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Sealing System、Heat Plastic Poly Bag Sealing Table Machine、Hot air gun,  Hot melt glue gun,Customized products packing machine and System.