Manual impulse heat sealers

Manual impulse heat sealers

Supply Manual impulse heat sealers from china .Hand Impulse Poly Bag sealers are available in 8", 12", 16", and 20",26",30 & 40" seal length. Hand Impulse Sealers: FOOD AND NON-FOOD APPLICATIONS. COMMERCIAL AND HOME USE. SEALS A WIDE VARIETY OF BAGS & FILMS. ADJUSTABLE HEAT CONTROLS. COMPACT AND PORTABLE. RUGGED CONSTRUCTION. SEVERAL DIFFERENT MAKES AVAILABLE. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION..from 2mm to 10mm. Built in electronic timer controls sealing time needed for different materials. Available with cutter to seal and trim poly bags and tubing in one step. All of our sealers come with a  manufacturer's spare part kit. Take a look at our sealers standard features.

Product Name: Manual impulse heat sealers
Material: Metal / ABS material
Color: Blue
Voltage: 220V/110V

-High-quality silicone layering, even formation, to ensure that sealing formation rules, do not stay dead.
-8 stalls to adjust the temperature to meet a variety of materials and thickness of the sealing needs, more widely used.
-Hollow bottom of the base design, effective ventilation cooling, extend the service life.
-High-quality heating strips, with durable high-temperature cloth, effective for the bag heating, more durable.
-Applicable to all kinds of plastic film, composite film and aluminum plastic film sealing.
-Can be widely used in food, native products, candy, tea, medicine, hardware and other industries, is the store, home, factory easy to use, the most economical sealing equipment.

Steps for usage:
-Connect the power cord to the power supply.
-Adjust the heating time according to the material and thickness to be sealed.
-Place the bag on the sealing surface.
-Press the handle, the circuit automatically controls the heating time.
-The indicator goes off and the power is automatically disconnected.
-After about 1-2 seconds, release the handle, sealing is complete.

Package Includes:

1x Impulse Heat Sealer Sealing Machine